From an early age, I remember my mom and I would always rearrange the furniture, whenever my dad went out of town, to make way for new pieces of furniture or to try a new configuration with the pieces we had.  We had to sit on the floor and push with our legs to move the big items, but eventually we achieved the look we were going for, just the two of us.  That was the beginning of my love of interior design. Through the years I had ideas of how I wanted to remodel my childhood bedroom, which was all based on a beige Ralph Lauren pillowcase with light blue ribbon stripes and a few light pink flowers (memories from ~20 years ago).  As soon as my idea of putting wood floors in my room were shot down, I decided that "shock value" was the way to achieve what I wanted, so I said, "Fine, if I can’t do wood flooring and beige walls, I want to paint the room turquoise!"  At the time, I thought my mom would think that wood floors were the better way to go and cave to my whim, but alas, my room was painted turquoise instead. It ended up beautiful because I had dark wood furniture with white base and crown molding, so it looked very dramatic against the almost Tiffany-Box-turquoise-color walls.  Looking back, my wood floors and beige walls based on the Ralph Lauren pillowcase would have been a little "mature" for my 15-year-old self at the time. I was always able to visualize a room with different colors, furnishings, and knew that not everyone was able to do the same with their imagination.  I have always been creative and artistic, but interior design was a different way of using my creativity where I didn’t feel as vulnerable, so I wasn't afraid to share it with people.

My mom always loved antiquing, but when I was little, it seemed that those antique stores were never ending labyrinths of items that kids have zero connection to, so I didn’t enjoy her "antiquing" trips. I would literally see an antique store on the side of the road and say in my head "please don't see that one"…but then I would feel bad and tell her about it, if she didn’t see it…(kid guilt).​

​I know I always had an appreciation for antiques as I was fortunate to grow up around them. As a young girl I actually didn’t mind polishing silver.   There was just something about the instant gratification of transforming a piece that had formerly been oxidized and bringing it back to its original glory that gave me extreme satisfaction.  See my Instagram highlights of "Before and Afters" and the time-lapse if you don’t know what I mean…and you just might find that you want to go polish some silver too! Everybody enjoys a good transformation.

When I was in college studying art and design, my mom started offering me some of the things she had collected through the years; that’s when I began my own collection of family heirlooms…some china…some antique furniture. Since then I have designed interiors for multiple commercial and residential accounts, and love taking on challenging spaces and making them amazing.

As it so happened, my mom and I were out shopping one day and discovered that we had both been thinking about starting a business around our love of design, antiques and finding the treasures.  It was too coincidental, and that's how Pagoda Collective was conceived!

I grew up in Los Angeles, but from a young age, took great interest in both my grandmothers' Southern roots, and my grandfather's background from New England. 

During my childhood, I grew up in homes designed and built by my parents, and became interested in architecture, design, antiques, and "all things pretty" at an early age.  My Mother was the design end of my Father’s Custom Home business and I spent much of my youth tagging along with Mama, visiting various showrooms, and  "helping" her select the different mediums to be used in each home's interior.

Also, my paternal grandmother, better known as Grammie, and I would take a Saturday each month, and go out to lunch, and then go antiquing, in search of that "special treasure".

These special times spent with the two women I adored the most, inspired and encouraged me to pursue my interest in design and collecting.  After graduating from the University of Southern California, I went to work in the family business, which only deepened my appreciation for architecture, detail and design.  I have built one of our family homes and have redesigned and remodeled several others.  I find great satisfaction in creating a peaceful and eye-pleasing home and garden environment.

My greatest joy and blessings have been raising my three children who are now, all, incredible adults.  One of them has developed her craft for interior design, and an eye/appreciation for the art of antiquing - after being traumatized by years of my stopping at every antique shop we came across during our family vacations.

My passion for searching and selecting beautiful, classic pieces and chinoiserie treasures for you, as well as having the opportunity to spend time with my oldest daughter is a win-win opportunity for me!