What are the Approved Zip Codes for the “FREE Limited OC(CA) Delivery service”?

We currently deliver to the following Approved Zip Codes for FREE provided that you make the selection at checkout:

  • 92603 – Shady Canyon

  • 92604 – Irvine

  • 92606 – Irvine

  • 92612 – Irvine

  • 92614 – Irvine

  • 92617 – Irvine

  • 92618 – Irvine, Orange County Great Park

  • 92625 – Corona del Mar

  • 92626 – Costa Mesa

  • 92627 – Costa Mesa

  • 92637 – Laguna Woods

  • 92646 – Huntington Beach

  • 92647 – Huntington Beach

  • 92648 – Huntington Beach

  • 92651 – Laguna Beach

  • 92657 – Newport Coast

  • 92660 – Newport Beach

  • 92661 – Newport Beach

  • 92662 – Newport Beach, Balboa Island

  • 92663 – Newport Beach

  • 92701 – Santa Ana

  • 92703 – Santa Ana

  • 92704 – Santa Ana (Gardens)

  • 92707 – Santa Ana

  • 92708 – Fountain Valley

If you select the "FREE Limited OC(CA) Delivery" for your shipping option and your destination address is *not* within one of the Approved Zip Codes listed above; your order will be canceled. If this occurs, please place your order again and select a different shipping option. Thanks!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally wherever our shipping carriers will deliver! Currently, we are able to ship in all of the USA, Canada, Mexico, and more than 190 countries.

How long will it take to get my order?

We typically ship right away so within 3-5 business days depending on your location. Once your item(s) ships you will receive a confirmation email with its tracking number.

We send notification at every stage of the order process from order acknowledgment to the point when your item(s) ship, so you will be “in the know”.

What happens if my item(s) is damaged during shipping?

First and foremost you are covered! I think it goes without saying, it's our desire to preserve our antiques as much as possible and that starts with storage and ends with packaging them in a manner that insures, to the best of our abilities, that they have a safe travel to your door. In effort to make sure we are applying Best Practices, we follow all guidelines set forth by our shipping carriers' when it comes to the packaging of fragile items from the container's size and burst strength or ECT (Edge Crush Test) rating to the product placement and interior cushioning material used. We understand that you may have been eyeing a piece for quite some time and we just happened to locate just what you were looking for. In the rare case that your piece is damaged just follow the simple steps set forth here.


Can I place a piece on hold?

Unfortunately, no. The only way to secure your item(s) is to complete the checkout process (with payment completed).

Does adding an item to my cart reserve it?

Items placed in your cart will *not* reserve them – anyone else can purchase them at any time until they have actually passed the checkout process (with payment completed). This is because the item quantity is not decremented until the checkout process has finalized.


Do you offer any other items or services other than antiques?

Yes, we offer more than just highly curated antiques; we also offer chinoiserie design, home design decor, elegant curios, and interior design consulting.

Do you consign items?

Yes, we consign items that meet our curation standard. For more details, click here.

How old are the pieces you offer?

We carry a wide range of historically aged antique and vintage pieces. Some, historically significant, date to 1947 when Japan was Occupied by US Forces in WWII, like this Vintage Blue & White Nippon Tokusei Blue Dragon Porcelain Plate. While others date back to 1868 like this Satsuma Meiji Period Signed Covered Circular Box.